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Men/Family Issues

Issues effecting Men and Family.
Features - Online Books

 Father Facts - an excellent resource by Dr. Wade Horn.

 Bachelor Parents and Their Functional Families
a guide to successful parenting for the single father

 The Garbage Generation

 The Head of the Medusa

 In search of Fatherhood

Taken into Custody

Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family


critiques on feminism - New addition

Anti-Feminism -- Discussion and Resources  - A large archive of resources starts here.  Surprise!  :-)

The Anti-Feminist Page  - Books and links to a small part of the anti-feminist web.  Most anti-feminists are
not for women only ("ism"="for" + "femin"="woman"), but to children and men, also.

A Man's Life
A mainstream and up-beat men's issues magazine.

The Backlash!
The Backlash! is a magazine of men's issues administered by Rod Van Mechelen. His Web site hosts many men's rights commentaries and much information.

Enrollment Gap No One's Decrying  - Vincent Carroll (Denver Rocky Mountain News)

Daddy's Home  - a resource for primary caregiver dads.

The Decline of Marriage

Divorce Reform Page
A lawyer site that has much information in regards to our mistake at accepting no-fault divorce laws from
proponents of adultery.

The Domain of Patriarchy
Debunking feminist myths!

The Faces of Feminism... The Good+.., The Bad-.., And the Sick. The Cult That Deceived the World.
At the time of FRN review, this Web page mentioned "father" or "fatherhood" in a favorable light at least eight times.

Walter has added a lot of rich content to this site. ...very well done and a "must- see!" - Revelation to dads of what the gay APA has been up to.  Dads, start your budget cutting

A Father's Best Gift? His presence. - Kathleen Parker

Fewer Black Men In College  - 2/20/98 Post-Gazette

Focus on Fatherhood!

Gender Issues Research Center
Vera presents much in the way of factual information, bibliographies and news on gender issues.

Happy Marriages?  - Kathleen Parker

The Men's Defense Association
A most recognized source of support and information (The Liberator) for good men and women for a long time.

The Men's Issues Page
David Throop's "Men's Issues Page" was the first large Web site devoted to men's issues. There
is statistical information and much, much more.  We've seen neither "hide nor hair" of David's
presence on the Net since about 1996, yet his site continues to inform newcomers on the history of
the various men's movements.  Read some of that history from his site to avoid making old mistakes
with your fathers' rights organization.

"Men, Sex, God & Money" (Rich Zubaty)  - a man who dares to speak-up, and with some humor, too!

Men's Media Network
Formed to combat misrepresentation of gender issues and rampant feminist-inspired misandry in the media.

Misogyny Unlimited
Misogyny Unlimited works to dispel feminist myths.

Another anti-USFSPA site. Wait 'till our folks in uniform see H Con Res 182 and HR 3514! Expect to see many more links like this one.

Per's Manifesto is a newsletter that discusses some of the inequities in the judicial
system against men.

National Coalition of Free Men  - E-Zine Gazette Archives

PINC - Politically Incorrect - Special Issue On Feminism

Facts, brought to us by!

Right Now - Men's Issues
This is a men's issues links page on a conservative e-zine site (Right Now).

Society for the Critique of Feminism

Stuart Birks' Gender Page
Stuart's page is on a server in New Zealand. He has been with us for quite a while and has information enhanced by long-term experience in fathers' rights work.

Sue's Special Spot  - a great archive of information on men's/fathers' issues from Sue.

Upstream: Feminism - There is much good reading at this site.

Welcome, USA Dad! Folks, I found this URL in a newsgroup just as cooperation between fathers' rights activists was working to have to have it reinstated. It was going through a censorship attempt (failed attempt) by feminists.

Woman Chops Up Husband and Walks  - from 11-19-99 Bangor Daily News

Women Also Stalk  - Judge Acknowledges Gender Bias in the Courts - from the 10/21/99 Seattle Times.

Why Boys Hide Their Emotions  - from 6/5/98 20/20 Segment

Dictionary for Dads  -  I would like to introduce you to . Having recently gone through a horrible divorce and custody battle we came up with a website to prepare all fathers with the information and resources they need to have a positive and active role in their children’s life. 

Forced Absence the movie

Alec Baldwin's Book A promise to ourselves

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