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The Fathers Rights Network remains a Free Resource, however we do ask that you visit one of the sites above to help our Sponsor defray the costs to host our service. --> The Fathers Rights Network advocates the Rights for Children to have access to BOTH Parents.

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You can become involved in the Father's Rights  Network by forwarding your suggestions to

Patriarchy - Learn this before attempting to help with fathers' rights in the political arenas.  It is sorely needed information for all who are  involved.  If you haven't learned much about feminism, the history of the movement, social politics, family and culture, go here.

The Backlash! Discussion Forum - Men's Issues brought to you by Rod Van Mechelen and The Backlash! publication  

 Dads' Talk - An unmoderated (with posting from subscribers) list administered by the Men's Health Network.

 Fathers' Issues  - Administered by the Men's Health Network - distributions to subscribers(with little posting from them allowed) of very important men's health and fatherhood news. - discussion of serious social, political and legislative issues interfering with family relations in the modern world.  Much discussion of fathers' rights issues. Put "subscribe" in the subject line of your e-mail after clicking on the link above.

The Forum  - Web-based message board.  Follow the image link, then follow "the Forum" link button.

Illinois Fatherhood Initiative - Web Forum

National Fathers' Resource Center Forum - Both Web-based and e-mail listserver.

Ohio Fathers for Justice


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