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Domestic Violence Information

Abuse Hurts Men, Too  - some love to men from Sue.

Blaming Men Doesn't Stop Domestic Violence
Albert Whale shows a more honest perspective than we are used to seeing in the popular media on the subject of domestic violence. Feminists tell a lie about every 7 seconds...

The Easton Alliance for the Prevention of Family Violence
The Easton Alliance for the Prevention of Family Violence is the first Canadian family violence prevention agency and charity for abused men.

Husband Abuse: Questions and Answers
Will Steves (the "goid" man) presents questions and answers on husband abuse perpetrated by wives.

Prosecutors In Grip of Feminists - Detroit News
A little of the truth about "battered women's shelters," "Women's Studies," wierdo prosecutors,...

References Examining Assaults by Women On Their Spouses or Male Partners  - An Annotated Bibliography


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