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Do it the first time now; it will be easy from then on.


Tips for Contacting a Congressional Office

     Contact the above linked site for a quick, easy lesson on how to write your
legislators.  To quickly and easily find out who your particular legislators are and
how to contact them, just follow the following link.

Contacting the Congress

    Juan's "Contacting the Congress" site is easy to use and contains all of the contact
information you need.  Do it.

  So many of you have said, "Writing to our legislators doesn't work, because there
aren't enough of us to get their attention."  Well, now there are plenty of us in Internet
communications to make the difference--especially if each of us will round up some
recruits in our own communities.  From this point on, each and every one of us will
write to our legislators each time we are given a call to act.  Take whatever other
intitiative you like, but all of us should put our legislators on notice when anti-family
aggression begins in the legislature.

Do it--now!

Journalism Resources
     Includes E-mail directories

Long Media E-mail Address List
     E-mail address lists for Newspapers and other media

The Selling Arena's E-mail Service
     Over 800 E-mail Addresses

M.A.I. Information Centre
     Media [E-mail] Addresses in North America

Radio Online
      Radio Station E-mail contacts

Snail Mail Labels for All US Weekly Newspapers and TV Stations
The Electronic Activist
    Congressional, state legislative and media contacts. There's a huge
URL directory for media entities here.  Go for it.

Web Wombat - Online Newspapers
     A huge directory of newspapers around the world.

Gebbie Press - US Daily Newspapers on the Web

Gebbie Press - US Radio Stations

Gebbie Press - US TV Stations

Watch this page.  There is more to come.

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